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About Mowgli & Moon

We launched Mowgli & Moon in 2021 and were not alone on this venture, We had the helpings of the treat-seeker, Jasper! He is our official stamp licker, making sure all our items have that personal touch to them! (This is a joke, don't worry!)

We have both always had a passion for interior design and finding good quality, unique and on-trend items. Quality of product really does mean a lot to us, and that's what we are trying to achieve, to deliver not only beautiful homeware, but items that look and feel great!

A lot of people ask and wonder where our name "Mowgli & Moon" came from. Well these are actually our childhood nicknames! Arlena was called Mowgli because as a baby, she had an uncanny resemblance to Mowgli from The Jungle Book!


Cameron was called "Moon" because he was constantly known as "Cameroony-Moony" and "Moon" for short. Ironically the name suited him well because he pulled moonies at every given opportunity growing up...

Where's the proof? Right here!




As you know, we are a family run, small business. Your support, and even the fact you are reading this section of our site means the world to us, genuinely. 

We hope you love our products, and please don't forget to sign up and gain access to the "Leave Feedback" section. It's really important to us to get honest feedback so we know what's working and what needs more work so we can give you a great experience when shopping with us!

Mowgli & Moon x

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